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You apply the pomade into your hair and stare at yourself in the mirror. Your hair is sticking out in crazy angles seemingly defying gravity. The light from above the mirror shines down and your hair is alight with a glow that dazzles your eyes. Turning your head side to side you begin to visualize direction, substance and what you want to accomplish in this moment in the washroom. Reaching for a comb you begin to work it through that pomade and the art you visualized moments before begins to appear. Like a camera coming into focus, your hair starts to materialize your creation. From inner thought to the physical world it emerges. A smile forms on your lips and you are now nodding your head up and down in appreciation. Your artwork is ready for the big time. You head out the door and into the world eager to show it off…

Grab this comb and be done with it. Your search for the perfect comb is over. This is it. It will style your hair effortlessly, comb through pomade with ease and last a lifetime.

  • Comb any hair style with ease
  • Work in any pomade through the hair
  • Lasts a lifetime
  • Approved by your friends here at Suavecito HQ

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